How To “Accident Proof” Your Child’s Mattress

If you don’t have a leak proof mattress cover, we’ve got a great idea to protect those mattresses from “leaky” children.  Simply apply several sheets of aluminum foil over your mattress, cover them with old towels, place the bottom sheet on top of the towels, and make the bed.  The “leak” shouldn’t get through to the mattress before you’ve had time to get them into the washer.  This is a tried and true tactic….  Something my grandmother did with her kids!

How To Save On Hand Soap

If your kids just don’t know when to stop with the hand soap, simply dilute the soap with a little water to make it last a little longer.  The cleaning capacity isn’t diminished by dilution because most hand soap is concentrated.  This gets your hands just as clean, but extends the life of your soap a little … Continue reading

How To Child Proof Your Cabinets On The “CHEAP”

Toddlers are highly inquisitive and they’ll want to explore their surroundings as the develop into children.  Look, we all know we can’t watch them every second of every day, so put some defenses in place to protect them (and you) from unwanted events from happening. If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to child … Continue reading

What Tiny Two-Seat Car Went On the Market in 2008?

The “Smart” Car “ForTwo.”

What automaker was known as the “Father of Mass Production”?

Answer:  Henry Ford was known as the Father of Mass Production.

National Whiners Day, first began in 1896, falls on the day after what holiday?

Answer:  Christmas.  Ironically, those who don’t get what they want on Christmas typically “whine” the day after.

What holiday, the unofficial end of Summer, was first observed in 1894?

Answer:  Labor Day

How To Find the Right Campsite

Picking the right campsite is very important when you’re on the trail exploring the wilderness.  Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got plenty of day light before picking your site.  You’ll want to find a spot that’s not windy and not under the trees.  You also should never bed down in a bunch of grass … Continue reading